Our Partners in South America

Organising adventure tours in South America requires considerable experience and a network of local contacts across the continent.

Members of the Andean Trails team you are likely to come into contact with on the ground are Tullio Sanchez, Alberto Navarette and Jesus in our Peru offices.

In Argentina, we have Gabriel Cueto, Pablo Navarro and Oscar Pandolfi among others, and in Bolivia, Scarlet, Julia and Jaira.

And in Ecuador is where you will find the ever popular Emma.

These are but a few of the people we work with. We will be adding more and more of our lovely staff to this page, so check back for more!




Jaira Rivera

Jaira – how and why did you start to work in Adventure Tourism? 

Twenty nine years ago my parents started this company of adventure and solidarity based tourism. The motivation was for a very simple reasons; both my parents are children of the former dictatorship and both are socialists. Their ideas were forged in the liberal and hippie movement of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. The company aimed to unite the private, indigenous communities and environmental sectors by following responsible ethical and cultural codes.

As pioneers in community tourism and ecotourism, we bring comfort to the adventure traveller; Bolivia – incredibly beautiful, adventurous and perfect in all its chaos.

People who travel here love the Bolivian people, and finding places where the hand of man has not taken control.




Alberto Broi Figari

Alberto – what is your motivation at the time to work in Adventure Tourism? 

My principal motivation in adventure travel is to challenge the mind and body in the great outdoors.

This is the most exciting thing – swimming on the beach, trekking and climbing in the Andes, exploring the jungle, sailing rivers or cycling.

Then sharing these emotions with people who want to know the country where I was born and that I love – Peru!





Osvaldo Cortez

Osvalo – what would you recommend Andean Trails clients to do and to visit in Bolivia?

Being specialised in mountaineering, I would personally recommend starting discovering Bolivia with a visit to the Lake Titicaca area.

This spot combines interesting cultures and scenery, ideal for those that want to sample a slice of the history of Bolivia.

Next, the Condoriri area, which features snow-capped peaks ideal for people who don’t have much climbing experience but at the same time want to get up close to glaciers.



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Alberto Navarrete

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Ramiro Donoso

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