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Kat Dougal

Ecuador, Bolivia, Galapagos, Families, Peru

About Kat Dougal… I caught the travel bug from my older sister and set off on my first backpacking adventure …

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Team Member

Tom Shearman

Galapagos, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Patagonia, Colombia

About Tom… Venturing out of the Forest of Dean at a young age on a bus to Gloucester set me …

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Team Member

Alan Lyall

Chile, Patagonia, Argentina, Guyana

About Alan… I was born in Zambia to Scottish expats and first set foot in South America as a 5-year-old, …

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Team Member

Kathy Jarvis

Trekking, Peru, Climbing, Bolivia, Patagonia, Ecuador

About Kathy… I first set foot in South America in Chile in 1994 and spent the next four years guiding …

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Andean Trails office staff and our partners in South America

Our UK office, and headquarters is based in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland. However, all of our staff have lived and travelled extensively in South America over the last 20 years.


Courtyard, Hacienda San Agustin de Callo, Ecuador

Ecuador Honeymoon Holiday Ideas

Are you a nature lover, adventure seeker and culture enthusiast looking for that special honeymoon? Well, Ecuador might just fit the bill. Sitting on the Equator in South America, this …

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Quotation Mark

Hi Alan - Yes, home safe and sound and a wonderful trip.  Feel greatly relaxed and looking forward to planning another trip sometime in the near future. And now for some feedback......   - What was the highlight of your holiday? Was there a low point?

  • The highlight was definitely the Iguazu Falls and generally the service everywhere was exceptional and staff were overly helpful.  The low but not so low point was the Hotel Loi Suites - great lobby and the rooms were great but the bar was in the pool room and full of kids and the restaurant wasn’t great. Equally, the Time Suites in Santiago were definitely past their prime and in need of a bathroom upgrade.
  - How would you rate accommodation/ food/ guides/ overall organisation?
  • Everything worked extremely smoothly. All pickups happened and all the guides and drivers were knowledgeable, friendly and willing to go out of their way to give us a good time.
  • In Mendoza, the hotel offered us a better rate than the company that organised our transfers
  • And its possible that the other 5* hotel (Frank will give you the name) was nicer than the Hotel Casa de Uco - but this hotel was very nice too.
  • Hotel Terra Atacama was amazing and although expensive was definitely worth the money.  I hadn’t realised that all food, drink and tours were included so that was a lovely surprise.  All staff and tour guides were amazing and the food was delicious.  Would definitely recommend to others.
- Did you feel you benefitted the local communities?
  • Not sure - only in the sense that tourism brings in money.
- What would you like to do differently next time?
  • Enjoyed it all
-   Out of interest why did you choose the places you visited and why Andean Trails to organise your trip?
  • Recommended by a friend.

A Strasser, Australia, May 2019

Quotation Mark

What was the highlight of your holiday? Was there a low point?

  • Both Napo and Galapagos were incredible nature experiences, but driving through the Andean highlands was also spectacular.
  • The Coral II is an older ship and after the Anakonda, it was a bit underwhelming.
  • The staff and the excursions made the Galapagos a highlight and the food was very good (we actually had a company "hotel manager" on board with us, who inspected everything (like a quality control person), so the staff was on full alert. The staff helped to create a special birthday evening for me with cake and song.
  How would you rate accommodation/ food/ guides/ overall organisation?
  • All accommodations were top rate, we asked for unique historical boutique hotels and you delivered.
  • The Hacienda San Augustin de Callo was amazing, and we are so glad you booked three nights!!!!!.  Please never book them for only one night, people we met who only had one night were all very disappointed. We also really enjoyed the Hacienda Cusin, be sure to tell guests to also check out their next door property, the Monastery.
  • Food was good everywhere, great Ecuadorian cuisine
  • Guides were all very good and spoke English well.
  What would you like to do differently next time?
  • Stay longer and add Cuenca. I also would buy an underwater camera.
  Out of interest why did you choose the places you visited and why Andean Trails to organise your trip?
  • Kat really helped me to put this together.  We shared our interests and she really listened to our input. I looked at different companies online and you were very responsive.
  Miscellaneous comments
  • At both Cusin and San Augustin, there were nights were we were the only guests or there was perhaps one other couple or family.
  • Weather was much better then we expected.  We had some rain, but it never got in the way of our trips and if it rained, it was never for long. This must be their low season, but it was great to not have the crowds.
  • Altitude was not a big deal, but hiking uphill was not an easy feat
  • As gay men travelling, we felt very welcome everywhere, even though we were offered separate beds in multiple places. In all cases, the situation was quickly resolved once we explained that we were a married couple.  In Ecuador there is still a bit of a macho culture but certainly in the tourism world, being a gay couple did not present any issues.  The owner of San Augustin actually hosted a gay wedding at her hacienda (perhaps something you can add to your trips.....)

H Winters, USA, May 2019

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