Community Projects

Andean Trails believes tourism should make a positive impact in the communities we visit.

We are proud to contribute, financially, to NGOs and charities that contribute to the environment and the communities where we have lived and worked for over 25 years.

Each year we give a total of approximately USD 4,000 to NGOs and charities working in the Andean nations or conservation :

We are also members of:


Several of the projects actively encourage volunteers, so if you would like to donate or fancy contributing time as a volunteer then contact the office for how best to organise this.



Huchuy Yachaq

Huchuy Yachaq Project, highland Cusco

A community project in a Cusco neighbourhood. The project has been running for well over 20 years. It aims to improve education, skills and the quality of life of families in this poor community. Contact us about the possibility to  volunteer.



Danielle Children’s Fund, highland Ecuador

We began supporting Danielle Children’s Fund in 2024.  Their mission in Ecuador is to contribute to the co-construction of healthy, protective families and communities that protect and prioritise children.



Rainforest Concern  

We support Rainforest Concern, a UK-based charity established to protect threatened natural habitats and their biodiversity, as well as the indigenous people who live there. They have several projects in South America that we are delighted to support.



Reforestation of the Andes with ECOAN                                                                                                           

Together with ECOAN, a Peru based NGO, Andean Trails is helping communities reforest the Andean slopes.




Andean Trails has sponsored the Graham Water Marathon, organised by Amantani, who help bridge the gap between home and school for children living in Ccorca, a handful of Quechua communities nestled high in the Andes of southern Peru.


galapagos-conservartion-trustGalapagos Conservation Trust (GCT)

Book your Galapagos holiday with us and help safeguard the Archipelago’s future.

For each booking we make a donation to the GCT.

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