Huchuy Yachaq Community Project

For many years we have been supporting the Huchuy Yachaq community project in the marginalised neighbourhood of Hermanos Ayar with the help of everybody who has travelled with Andean Trails.

Anually, we donate USD 3,000 to this community project on the outskirts of Cusco, perched in the hills that overlook the city.

You can also read about Maria’s week volunteering in her blog, as well as Nigel’s visit.

The project has been set up by volunteer social workers and teachers to provide much needed social and educational support to the children and families of this impoverished neighbourhood.

Children are encouraged to attend study and games sessions held each afternoon and participate in holiday projects.

Our contributions have so far paid for educational books and games, tables and chairs, structural improvements to the community-owned building including adding toilets, school materials and books for the children and holiday programmes.

You can volunteer or help by donation. If you would like to donate materials, please get in touch with us to work out logistics.


More on Huchuy Yachaq

In this neighbourhood there are high poverty levels and little in the way of guaranteed income.

Most houses have had water and electricity installed recently, but most adults work long hours in poorly paid insecure jobs with many of the children also having to work, usually on the street selling postcards to tourists, cleaning shoes, washing cars etc. There is no public transport.

In 2006 the project started a programme of “useful holidays” with a 2 month programme of educational activities for 120 children involving five teachers.

During the holidays courses are run in logic and maths, communication, dance, theatre, crafts, and the kids go on organised visits to local attractions etc.

Also in 2006 a small library was established, to provide support to the children that come to the centre after school to do their homework and school projects.

Assistance is also provided to some of the children so they could register for school, providing text books, note books, pencils, school clothes and so on.


How can I help?

If you wish to contribute please send a donation to the Andean Trails office stating what it is for.

Every penny donated will be given to the Community – it costs USD 30 for a child to receive all the materials necessary for one year at school.

The project has also encouraged mothers to generate their own income by providing training in handicrafts, which the project sells.

Items available to buy include leather bags, jewellery and textiles such as wall hangings.

The project is very happy to receive volunteer workers on a short or long term basis. Daily help is required with the kids, helping with games and studying. Help is also required to look after the building, and volunteers are always made welcome.

Please contact the office for more information on how to get involved.

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