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We began supporting Danielle Children’s Fund in Ecuador in 2024. DCF’s mission is to contribute to the co-construction of healthy, protective families and communities in favour of children in Ecuador. They plan to achieve this through the empowerment of capacities and strengths of families, communities and professionals involved in child protection and through the generation of dialogues that facilitate social transformation.


For poor families in Ecuador, life can be difficult and often children are the victims of their parents’ powerlessness. By means of a three-year project, NGO Danielle Children’s Fund, together with parents and their children, is creating hope for a better future.

Poverty and ongoing social unrest has given rise to a range of challenges for many families, causing tension, along with feelings of helplessness.

Many parents are at a loss as to how to best raise their children. Unfortunately, these parents often lack a support system to rely on. They have no idea how to deal with their frustrations, which is why their children often face maltreatment, not only in the streets but also at home.

To support these families, they are working closely with the local community in order to build resilience and face challenges together. They are providing spaces where people can share their concerns, learn together and work collectively to put a stop to the current violence affecting both their town and their households.

Andean Trails’ donation this year will contribute to providing snacks and drinks for parents and children who attend their regular events at the community centre.

It will also cover the cost of the equipment needed at film screenings in both indoor and outdoor community spaces. This is part of the work towards making greater use of public spaces and fostering the creation of safe spaces in the community for children, adolescents and women.

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