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Galapagos, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Patagonia, Colombia

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About Tom…

Tom writes blogs and travel information for Andean Trails.


Venturing out of the Forest of Dean at a young age on a bus to Gloucester set me on a life path of travelling.

From my Cinderford bedroom, I gazed at the white peaks of the Andes on a globe. Unsurprisingly, my first trip to Peru nearly two decades ago hooked me on South America.

Since that first footstep in 2001, I’ve spent more than two years of my life in South America.

Peru I know best having visited five times, but a month in Galapagos, two months in Colombia and Bolivia apiece and many more months in Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay mean I have seen a fair part of the continent.

Patagonia always draws me back, on foot or boat, and a trip to Guyana remains one of my best memories to date.


My passion for South America…

Mountains, music and adventure multiplied by rafting, camping and jungle are the starting points of the great continent of South America.

For me, travel showcases the transition from your present and your future. Travelling to new places is a vital part of that change, as important as the way your present is moulded by recanting those holiday tales to others.

Like when I got caught up in a water bomb fight in deepest, north Peru – village (and me) vs bus driver, who gave up and finally set off 6 hours late. Or getting to the top of 6,000m high mountains. Or falling into glacier crevasses. Or wine. Steak. Wine.

I live in Barcelona now and love the outdoors and indoors, and you can find me on my bike in the mountains, in a cinema with popcorn, in pubs watching live music or hiking for days with only a tent and some whisky. And sometimes writing or playing cricket.


Talk to me about…

Galapagos, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Patagonia, Uruguay 


Where would I’ve love to go back to…

Colombia – so much more to see, with the nicest people in the most wonderful surroundings. 


What my customers say about me…

“I just wanted to let you know how extremely pleased we were with Tom Shearman’s work on helping us plan our recent bike trip to Chile/Argentina. He was extremely responsive and informative right from the start and he made the whole experience of planning such a big trip that much easier and smoother.”

“Based on our experience with Tom, I would certainly recommend your company to anyone looking to plan a holiday in South America and we would certainly use him again should we venture again to that part of the world.”

Tracy Horton, Chile/Argentina

“Tom always got back to us really quickly, answered our questions clearly and gave us lost of really useful information and details. We were very impressed.

“It gave us so much confidence in Andean Trails, unlike other replies we got from other agents, which were also much slower. We decided to travel with you because of Tom’s efficiency and friendliness.”

J. Fairweather, Galapagos cruise


My top tip…

If you’re wondering what’s around the corner, go around it. Apply literally and metaphorically. 

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