Bolivia photography tours

Our Bolivia photography tours are set among some of South America’s most starkly beautiful landscapes.

Photography tours in Bolivia offer almost otherworldly landscapes, brought into sharp focus with the clear air.

Sunrises and sunsets give us the chance to photograph these dramatic scenes with wonderful lighting.

Desert wilderness, deep blue skies, brilliant white salt flats and towering Andean peaks create a fantastic spectacle.

I can’t imagine a better photo group leader than Bruce. Even though I’ve been on about a dozen photo tours all over the world, Bruce is by far the best. Of course he knows his photography and takes beautiful pictures that inspire us continually. More importantly, he gets us to those same locations at the right time of day so we can try our hand at emulating his success. He knows the area thoroughly, updates his information by asking questions of locals throughout the trip, and is ready to quickly shift gears if the weather or some other condition dictates a better photo location.

His attention to detail doesn’t stop at photography. The trip ran like clockwork because he was careful to make sure that all logistical elements were not only properly arranged but double-checked at the final moment.

Bruce is not only a great photography tour leader but a great guy - lots of fun with many stories and lively conversation.

R. Pool, Bolivia photography workshop

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