Amazon tours in Bolivia

A trip to the Amazon rainforest is a must-do for travellers visiting Bolivia.

Wildlife abounds in Madidi National Park, one of the most bio-diverse parts of the world.

The park was formed in Bolivia in 1995 and covers almost two million hectares of the most beautiful pristine jungle.

Madidi covers a wide range of habitats, from forested Andean foothills to the steamy Amazon rainforest.

There is the chance to see jaguar, monkeys, caiman and much more in this wildlife-rich area. Read more about the animals you can see in Madidi in our guide.

Our eco-lodge is run by Quetchua-Tacana Indians, who have lived more than 200 years on the only settlement in the park.

The canoe trip from Rurrenabaque to Chalalan was fantastic. Seeing the wild boar and monkey tribes. The remoteness of Chalalan.

S. Young, Chalalan

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