Cycling holidays in Colombia

Join a guided cycling tour in Colombia and enjoy great climbs, dramatic descents and gorgeous Caribbean beaches.

Biking holidays in Colombia offer an extraordinary mix of up, down and flat, and the scenery is simply breathtaking.

Routes through the high Andes or start in the mountains and end at the emerald waters of the Caribbean coast.

Colombia has a great cycling culture, and locals will cheer you along the beautiful landscapes with a welcoming smile.

We had a fantastic trip with Camillo and Tatiana who both did a wonderful job of looking after us both with the cycling and with non cycling side events. The highlights for me were the Fincas and doing a 2,000m climb to an altitude of ,4000m on the Nevada del Ruiz.

Colombia is an absolutely beautiful country and we have encountered nothing but friendly people. The cycling culture is amazing. Thanks for everything.

A. Hamilton, Cycling in Colombia

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