Cycling holidays in Ecuador

If you love bikes and cycling or mountain bike trips then Ecuador is, without a doubt, the best place for a biking holiday.

The astonishing geography and range of eco-zones within Ecuador make for diverse riding options. In the west lies the tropical Pacific coast perfect for coastal riding. The high glaciated Andes that run along the spine make a paradise for mountain bikers. Or go for a variety of eco zones and plunge through forest to the east, to the lowlands and wildlife rich rain forest of the Amazon.

The landscapes are diverse, the lifestyle of the people also, as they have adapted to the extreme geography. Cycling in Ecuador whether road or mountain bike will allow you to get to the heart of this beautiful landscape and local culture.

The Andes, a fabulous avenue of volcanoes, stretch the length of the country providing ample terrain for mountain biking.  The roads, many recently surfaced and upgraded, some with cycle lanes, offer opportunities for road cycling.

For a one day mountain bike adrenaline filled adventure choose to hurtle down the slopes of Cotopaxi volcano, or combine some birdwatching on a ride from Pichincha volcano to Mindo in the cloud forest. If you prefer a multi-day bike focussed holiday we organise amazing mountain bike trips for up to two weeks.  A multi-day back country biking tour will take you well off the beaten track and give you plenty of time to explore some of Ecuador’s stunning mountain scenery. Whether technical single track or trail, there are options for all ability of riders.

Ecuador mountain bike or road cycling tours offer a unique insight into this small, diverse country. Pedal on roads or mountain tracks and trails with local expert guides on our fully supported cycling holidays.

Having experienced and enjoyed the breadth, variety and complexity of our trip I realise we would not have done as much had we organised it ourselves.

Rosalie Maughan, Ecuador Tailor Made

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