Bolivia wildlife holidays and tours

Bolivia wildlife tours range from Amazon rainforest visits to spotting hummingbirds on Lake Titicaca.

Bolivia is home to an abundance of wildlife – as varied as it is colourful and abundant.

For jungle there is Madidi National Park, teeming with jaguars, peccaries, otters, birds, frogs and insects.

In the highlands, spot Flamingoes, condors, viscachas and vicunas, just some of the unique fauna here.

Excellent trip, accommodation and guides. They were also flexible on what we wanted to do so on one day we did a day long walk which was great.

It's of huge benefit as half the income goes to the community, it provides jobs, they have stopped logging as there is other work.

The highlight was spotting an ocelot on one of the night canoe trips.

V. Carter, Chalalan eco-lodge

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