Patagonia expeditions

Join a Patagonia adventure tour or expedition and travel deep into Patagonia’s beautiful mountains and valleys.   

This is a vast land of fjords, lakes, glaciers, high Andean peaks and grassy plains. The coast is a wildlife paradise, ideal for nature lovers. The mountains are home to pumas, guanaco and soaring condors. Gauchos and huasos, the local cowboys, roam the extensive pampas on horseback.   

The sheer variety within this southern land means we can organise a wide range of adventure expeditions and tours. If you like off-the-beaten-track adventure, are willing to travel far and love open landscapes, wide sky and a feeling of pioneering then Patagonia can offer that adventure. It has many hidden corners yet to be well trodden. 

For an extreme remote expedition, nothing can beat the Patagonian ice caps. Both the North Patagonia Ice Cap and the South Patagonia Ice Field offer amazing expedition adventures.  

If you really want to challenge yourself and take on the wilderness and wide-open spaces for a life-changing experience this is the trip for you. Enjoy a week far away from civilisation as you snowshoe or ski around the back of the iconic peaks of Fitzroy and Cerro Torre. Push yourself to new limits in Arctic-style conditions on this South Patagonia Ice Field adventure. 

Another challenge is to join a mountaineering expedition to the summit of South America’s highest peak, Aconcagua. This is a non-technical but tough trip, with climate and altitude posing a challenge as you ascend to nearly 7,000m.  

In Chile, the Paine Circuit in Torres del Paine national park is a multi-day hike taking you to the less-visited side of the Paine mountain spires. The landscapes and wildlife in this part of the world are unsurpassable. 

For adventure expeditions, Patagonia offers unbeatable opportunities. Ask for our suggestions to suit you. 

Great expedition overall, personally, it was tough, though a fantastic experience.

Very good guides who always came up with the goods. Camp was very good with very good facilities and food.

A. Wheatstone, Aconcagua

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