Cultural holidays in Bolivia

Discover the best cultural holidays in Bolivia as we guide you through this land of extreme landscapes and diverse cultures.

Bolivia overflows with culture, so immerse yourself in its history, geology, landscapes and geography.

Along your journey you will encounter an array of rich and traditional lifestyles, each unique.

Everywhere has colourful markets and a rich tradition of festivals, and La Paz is a must-see.

Learn about Tiahuanacos, the longest-running pre-Inca empire of the Andes which collapsed dramatically and mysteriously.

Visit Lake Titicaca and stay on the Island of the Sun and see a way of life unchanged over many centuries.

Communication through email was excellent. Questions were always answered right away. Great service! Wonderful tour and excellent tour guide.

Lots of highlights, Uyuni and trek were probably our favourite.

M. Blunschi, Bolivian Highlands

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