School and group tours in Peru

Travel to Peru on a school group tour. Enjoy an adventure, cultural, historical or educational school trip. Peru is a diverse fascinating country welcoming to students, school groups, scout groups, clubs and groups of colleagues or friends.

School, educational and big group tours to Peru are our speciality since 1998. All tours and trips are bespoke and  tailored to suit the group needs. Check the University of Edinburgh’s trip to Peru about food insecurity and climate change.

Choose from the many opportunities Peru has to offer group tours. Learn Spanish, volunteer in local projects. Combine educational activities with adventure. Explore some of Peru’s wonderful historical, Inca or pre-Inca attractions.

Adventures include trekking high into the Andes, walking the Inca Trail and exploring Machu Picchu. Add a touch of wildlife with an eco-lodge stay in the wildlife-rich Amazon rainforest, birding or wildlife watching in the bio diverse cloud forest. Visit the Nazca and Paracas cultures and fossil search in the Atacama desert on the Pacific coast.

Let us know what your group would like to focus on and we will plan the itinerary with you. Whether history, language, culture or adventure Peru has sights and experiences for everyone. We organise the logistics within Peru and provide expert local guides to accompany you on your tour providing a deep insight into the country.

We use carefully selected accommodation for group tours, from hotels to eco-lodges or local homestay – no matter size or ages. We ensure that everything throughout the trip runs safely and smoothly.

Peru offers exceptional holidays and tours for all school and college group tours.

The itinerary was organised in such a way that it was varied and exciting throughout. Enough time in the rainforest and camping on the Inca Trail rewarded by more comfortable urban stays afterwards.

The adults especially loved the homestay village as it offers an authentic and friendly piece of rural living. Football against locals was a highlight as well.

D. Low (School trip), Peru

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