Learn Spanish in Peru

Learn Spanish in Peru with our professional teachers in small classes at our excellent language school in Cusco.

Acquire new life skills as you learn in our Spanish classes based in Peru’s old Inca capital.

Peruvian Spanish is very clear and easy to understand, so you’ll see progress in your ability quickly.

You stay with a local family to practice speaking and interacting and help learn Spanish at a faster rate.

Courses last a week or longer and soon you’ll be talking to locals people, helping you understand Peru more deeply.

Combine learning Spanish with volunteer work, the Inca Trail, visit the Amazon or many other Peru tours.

The language school: It was great. We got to do loads of conversation and really learned a lot in the time. The school is very small and cosy.

The home stay: Miguel and his family were really welcoming. We spoke Spanish with them almost exclusively. The food was also great -- they made us all kinds of Peruvian specialities (lomo saltado, papas rellenas, chicha morada), and took us out to a couple of their favourite restaurants.

A. Heinekie, Learn Spanish, trek the Inca Trail

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