Wildlife Cruise in Antarctica

An expedition to Antarctica on a wildlife cruise is a must for all nature lovers.

The South Pole to the is home to some of the world’s most amazing marine life, seabirds and incredible invertebrates.

Cruise visit in the southern hemisphere summer (Nov-Mar),  along with many different species of wildlife.

There are seals, whales, Orcas, penguins, and a host of other sea birds to see on our Antarctic adventure cruise.

Most of the wildlife migrates to Antarctica to breed. This is one of the most beautiful and unexplored places on our planet.

Tiny invertebrates survive the winters by freezing, and, as temperatures warm, use internal anti-freeze to begin life again.

The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen - or am ever likely to see - when at anchor near Winter Island. Slamming vodkas at the Vernadsky station the following day. Display by a minke whale at Paradise Harbour. Taking in the majestic beauty of this pristine environment on an isolated promontory on Cuverville Island. I could go on.

R Clowes, Antarctica

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