Cultural Holidays in Colombia

Cultural tours in Colombia offer a rich history of diverse cultures and people.

Colombia is overflowing with varying landscapes and cultures, which vary greatly from region to region.

There are 68 official languages, countless museums, markets, craft workers and a wide array of historical ruins to visit.

The strong regional identities mean that wherever you are, you’ll encounter fascinating new histories and people.

The big cities of Bogotá, Medellin and Cartagena offer wonderful food, drink, markets museums and nightlife.

Travel into the countryside and Colombia’s diversity will immediately strike you.

Head further afield and visit its Caribbean Islands and it’s impossible not to feel you are in completely different country.

A tour to Colombia is guaranteed to be as varied as the country itself.

Incredible museums, from the Gold Museum to the Botero sculptures, and an incredible array of archaeological ruins, Colombia's rich cultural tapestry amazed me.

There is so much - and the locals are both happy and proud to show you their incredible country

Tom Shearman, Colombia

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