Cycling holidays in Peru

On a cycling holiday in Peru you can enjoy some of the best mountain biking in the Andes.

Peru is a diverse Andean country offering some of the most beautiful and varied scenery anywhere. Landscapes range from the high glaciated Andes to lowland steamy Amazon jungles to the east or dry desert Pacific coast to the west. There is no shortage of superb mountain biking or quiet road cycling in Peru.

Cycling in Peru means options, from gentle day tours to fast, week-long, technical bike tours with some massive downhills – and everything in between.

In the Cusco area, we have dirt track one to four-day downhill rides through sleepy villages on the vast network of Inca paths, or gentle half-day guided rides along the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Swoop from the high Andes down to the Amazon, an incredible trip as mountain trails change to dirt jungle tracks. Spend a few days in the wildlife paradise of the Amazon, then trek to Machu Picchu on our popular multi-activity adventure tour.

Test yourself with some top technical downhill biking in the Cordilleras north of Lima. From half-day rides in the mountains of the Cordillera Negra to outstanding single track riding in the heart of the magnificent high peaks of the Cordillera Blanca we have numerous routes – you choose how hard. Wide easy gravel, trails, technical single- track, biking to suit all abilities.

Bike tours in Peru’s Andean mountains offer some of the world’s most spectacular off-road cycling. Quiet tarmac and gravel, tracks and trails offer a mix of road or mixed cycling. Even Lima offers a half-day guided bike tour to see the highlights of the city, using bike paths.

Wherever you would like to visit, whatever your level, our expert biking guides will make sure you get the most from your cycling holiday in Peru.

I love South America, love the people (they were really open to talk to) and the trip was so well organized.

Food was great, breaks on the right moments, wonderful camp sites, very good hotels, all transfers etc exactly as agreed upfront.

B. Kom

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