Amazon Rainforest in Guyana

Guyana is a little known land of pristine rainforest ideal for adventure and wildlife holidays in the Amazon rainforest.

You can enjoy treks, 4×4 or boat travel through its myriad of rivers into virgin jungle areas.

Search the tree tops for slow-moving sloths, spot an amazing array of birds and keep a sharp eye out for the jaguar.

Guyana is replete with untouched vibrant rainforest – the interior is lush and there are very few visitors.

Locals give the warmest of welcomes, whether in camp, jungle lodge or ranch, adding to the trip.

Birdspotters will love the splendid birdwatching opportunities here, deep in Guyana’s Amazon rainforest.

The holiday was great, fantastically organised beforehand and during, and everything went to plan. All the guides and hosts were welcoming and a lot of them went out of their way to accommodate our requests.

If Andean Trails go to my next destination, I shall be using them.

Charles Ashbourne, Guyana Highlights

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