Climbing and mountaineering in Bolivia

Bolivia has splendid climbing and mountaineering tours for every level of climber.

The Bolivian Andes are a climber’s mecca with its the vast array of snow-capped peaks.

First timers to experienced technical mountaineers can enjoy a variety of climbing holidays.

Beginners can learn the skills and techniques necessary to safely trek and climb glaciated mountains.

For experienced mountaineers we have qualified guides and full back up teams so you can take on more higher peaks. Read about why a guided trip is the best.

Parinacota and Sajama (the highest peak in Bolivia) offer great challenges, as do other peaks in the Cordillera Real.

I have to say, it was an utter pleasure to have your team look after us.

The highlight for us was summiting Huyana as the sun broke across the Cordillera Real. Casting a triangular shadow to the West stretching out to Lake Titicaca. The descent was also magical, seeing the terrain we'd hiked in the dark in all is spectacular icy glory.

Maria was our cook the whole time and was exceptional. She is a bubbly character and a joy to be around. She also made fresh espresso for me at every opportunity - no other parties on the mountain had this service.

Osvaldo is a credit to his profession. Our every need was catered for and the organisation was exemplary. He even brought along extra clothing to make sure we were comfortable. It was his fastidious attention to our and others needs that stood out.

T. Foster, climb Huayna Potosi

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