Off-the-beaten-path holidays in Chile

One of the best things to do on holiday in Chile is get off-the-beaten-path and travel to remote and beautiful sites.

Chile has a unique geographical landscape of glaciers, mountains, desert, altiplano and deep fjords and vast ice-caps.

We can get you away from the crowds, into the hidden valleys of Torres del Paine National Park.

Travel further afield and explore fjords that time forgot, with glaciers that can be reached by water only.

Choose to wander through the huge forests of Auracarias and southern beech trees that carpet the land.

Relax on Easter Island with its mysterious Moai or head to Cape Horn – get off-the-beaten-path in Chile.

Our trip was fantastic.

As our friends did for us/you, I would not hesitate in recommending Andean Trails to anyone else planning a trip to Chile.

A. McArthur, Tailor Made

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