Galapagos Family Tours

The Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador, are perfect for a family holiday, whatever the age of your children. Little could be better than taking a Galapagos family tour with your kids.

A Galapagos family tour, whether on a specialist cruise or hotel-based, on land, will without a doubt, be a holiday to remember. This is a unique holiday destination that combines extremely tame close-up wildlife with great weather, beautiful surroundings and a variety of activities suitable for kids and adults alike.

Our travel experts have visited the Galapagos Islands with their own children, so are in a good position to advise on the best and most appropriate options to suit you.

Ask about our Galapagos family cruises which run specially designed family-friendly itineraries. You’ll be aboard with like-minded families enjoying activities that maximise the fun for parents and children alike. Some of the larger boats have dedicated kid areas on board too.

Alternatively, choose a flexible Galapagos family-friendly hotel-based holiday. You stay on land on one, two or more of the inhabited islands. A land-based Galapagos family holiday is more flexible than being on a cruise. Being based on land will give your kids the freedom to let off steam, to run freely on the sands, swim and snorkel with sea lions and play in parks and with local kids, as well as taking excursions to see the wildlife highlights.

An additional attraction is the freedom to choose a local café or restaurant at the time of your choice for meals. On the Galapagos with kids there are plenty of activities for all the family: adults and kids can climb volcanoes, snorkel, explore lava tunnels, bike and kayak.

Ask us for the best small group and tailor-made, bespoke Galapagos family tours for the best holiday ever.

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The highlight was the boat (Flamingo) - great food, service, comfort - loved it. It was very comfy, the crew and guides were excellent, as was the itinerary. We would consider going back another time to do the northern itinerary.

I found your help in organising it very useful.

The Pilling Family, Flamingo & Finch Bay

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