Family Holidays in Patagonia

Take your family to Patagonia on a family tour. Adults will love the wonderful hospitality, scenery and wildlife of this beautiful part of South America. Kids will love the freedom of wide-open spaces.

Patagonia is ideal for an active family tour for active teenagers and kids – and parents, uncles, aunties and grandparents! This is the land where almost every activity is possible – hiking, walking, glacier treks, camping, biking, rafting, and kayaking. For lovers of cold water, there is plenty of swimming too.

For the less active, our vehicle-based scenic tours are well worth doing. Excellent guides will give an insight into the history and culture of Patagonia. Or perhaps your interests tend more towards horse riding, fossil hunting, bird watching, fishing or jet boat rides.

Patagonia lends itself to self-drive holidays too, giving the family plenty of flexibility. There really is an activity to suit everyone.

For off-the-beaten-track scenery, remote mountain eco-lodges, and sheer adventure, try Aysen in Chile. Camp out under a star-filled sky – ask for places with no WiFi. Get back to basics with camping, or go for glamping, eco-domes or top-class hotels.

Torres del Paine is the ideal base for a family holiday in Patagonia. Kids can have their own specialised guides to explain how to be a cowboy. Guachos take the family horse riding and show you how to round up cattle.

Paine is perfect for day walks or multi-day trekking with camping or eco-lodges for a touch of luxury. There is plenty of the best steak, fresh home-made pasta, gourmet delights. This is family-friendly eating even for the pickiest of kids. Enjoy evenings by a fire with the very best of wine from Chile and Argentina.

Travel to Patagonia with kids, babies, toddlers and teenagers for a fabulous family holiday. Everyone will love it.

Visiting Aysen in Chile was like stepping back in time 15 or 20 years, to what Patagonia is so good at, the wilderness, stunning scenery, the isolation, and above all the warm and friendly people.

K. Jarvis, Family Aysen tour

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