Wildlife holidays in Patagonia

On our Patagonia wildlife tours and safaris, you will be getting up close to an amazing array of weird and wonderful animals in spectacular countryside. 

All of Patagonia is home to amazing wildlife. The wildlife is as varied as the geography, from marine giants to high mountain hunters and scavengers. 

Among the spectacular animals in Patagonia are pumas and the Andean condor, seen soaring over the high peaks of the Andes or inelegantly shuffling along the ground gorged after scavenging on carrion.

Then there is the choique – a type of ostrich or rhea. Often seen trying to control 15 younger birds, the males looks after the young of several females. Foxes, armadillo and skunk are also common, as is the guanaco, wild relative of the llama and alpaca. 

Peninsula Valdes is a hot spot, ideal for a wildlife safari tour. Here you can enjoy seeing Andean foxes, the hare like mara, guanaco, Darwin’s rhea, Southern Right whales, orca (killer whales), elephant seals, sea lions and many sea birds.   

A whale-watching boat trip is one of the top wildlife experiences on this Atlantic coast. Add on a visit to nearby Punta Tombo for masses of Humboldt penguins.  Spend a few days at a remote estancia for the best immersive wildlife adventure in Argentine Patagonia. 

In Chilean Patagonia Torres del Paine is unbeatable for a wildlife holiday. You have the best opportunity to track and photograph the elusive puma on our puma safari.

In Paine, the expert local guides know exactly where to look for the pumas. Herds of guanaco with young provide ample food for the puma’s teaching their cubs to hunt.   

The comic armadillo, smelly skunk and peculiar rhea populate the park too. Black-chested buzzard eagles and condors soar.  Pygmy owl, ibis and flamingo plus Andean geese are all commonly sighted too. 

For the wildlife aficionado, Patagonia offers the best in wildlife tours and safaris, amid the most spectacular mountain or coastal settings. 

Guide was excellent - friendly, helpful and informative. Beautiful campsites.

R Mulryne, Patagonia Tailor Made

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