Amazon holidays in Peru

On our Amazon rainforest holidays and tours in Peru, you will discover an amazing world of jungle wildlife. More than half of Peru is covered by Amazon forest. This is a vital natural paradise, a giant lung for our planet, where biodiversity thrives. 

In Peru, we organise Amazon holidays in two areas readily accessible from Lima or Cusco: Tambopata national park and Manu national park. Also, we organise lodge visits and river boat trips in the Amazon area near Iquitos, accessible by plane from Lima.  

The national parks are full of wildlife. Manu is home to tapir, giant river otters, peccary, ocelot, jaguar and many monkey species. At Tambopata, as well as the other wildlife, you also have the best opportunities to see Macaws at the Tambopata Research Centre. 

On all the Amazon tours expert Peruvian naturalist guides from the lodges will take care of you. The best specialist guides will point out the forest’s wonderful birds and animals and explain the use of traditional plants by native cultures. The guides will tell you about the importance of tourism and responsible travel, for sustainability and protection of the rainforest. 

Peru has several of the best lodges in the Amazon.  Choose from a range of community-owned eco-lodges, luxury lodges, or more basic accommodation to suit your budget and preferences. On some rainforest adventures, we combine lodges with trekking into the jungle for a few nights of camping deep in the forest. We have family-friendly Amazon holidays with specialist children’s guides and activities.  

Let us know your preferences and you can enjoy a holiday in Peru’s Amazon, whatever your travel style. 

Do read our Peru Amazon Guide, and travel deep into another world, virgin forest amazing wildlife. 

The whole experience was amazing. The Amazon trip was great, loved the lodge, and the guide was excellent, thanks.

S. Bowling, Amazon, Aug 2016

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