Wildlife Holidays in Guyana

Unsurpassable wildlife and bird watching holidays and tours await the traveller to Guyana.

Thanks to the vast magnificent virgin rainforest of Guyana the wildlife is as abundant as it is extraordinary.

If you like your wildlife big or small, furry of flighty – Guyana has something for you.

In forests and along rivers we track animals from giant otters to jaguars, from giant anteaters to red howler monkeys.

Bird spotters love the birdwatching opportunities here, with the Cock-of-the-Rock and Harpy Eagle particular highlights.

Guided nature and wildlife tours in Guyana are a must for any traveller with an interest in the natural world.

After the excitement of seeing a giant anteater with baby, I thought the trip couldn't get any better until we saw a jaguar close up on the riverbank!

K. Dougal, Guyana trip

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