Bolivia trekking and hiking tours

We will take you to the beautiful heart of the Bolivian Andes with our trekking and hiking tours.

Trekking in Bolivia gets you close to snow-capped mountains in the isolated Cordillera Real or Apolobamba.

Walk the tough Apolobamba Circuit and follow some of the best-preserved Inca trails in South America.

Or hike the shorter and more accessible but no less stunning 4-day Hichukhota to Condoriri trek.

Scale snow-capped peaks of Chearoco, 6,104m/20,026ft, and Mount Huayna Potosi, 6,111m/20,049ft.

We also offer walking tours around the sacred Lake Titicaca on ancient Inca pilgrim routes.

The Condoriri walk was breathtaking … and on some of those passes, boy, were we taking breaths! Our guide and our cook were terrific, friendly and professional people.

The walk was exactly what we were after - isolated (apart from the occasional shepherd) - 99% of the time it was just Janette and I and our guide Pablo, the scenery was extraordinary, the weather was perfect, our health was good (no really bad altitude problems), and the coca leaves were fresh.

It doesn't get any better.

M. Jordana, Condoriri trek

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