Patagonia Multi-Activity

Patagonia multi-sport holidays are designed to be full of fun and enable you to see the best of this fabulous part of the world.  

This southern part of Chile and Argentina is a veritable playground for multisport adventure holiday travellers. The innumerable lakes, rivers and mountains set an extraordinary stage for a whole variety of activities.  

Awaiting you in Patagonia are horseback excursions, trekking, cycling and sea kayaking. Combine them with some more relaxing options such as cruises, luxury resorts with spa or vehicle-based excursions for the perfect Patagonia multi-activity trip. 

The Lake District of Patagonia, Torres del Paine National Park and Nahuel Huapi National Park are mountainous areas with lakes and fast-flowing rivers. The Andes in these areas offer plenty of options for walking and trekking.  

Expert local guides will tailor every excursion to suit your ability, experience and level of adrenalin required.   

Other adventurous options on our Patagonia multi-activity tours include glacier walking and some volcano climbing and peak summiting. Add in some of the best road cycling and mountain biking for a week or two of top world-class adventure.   

Horse riding is a national sport here too and top-quality animals are well trained and sure-footed in Andean terrain. Local gauchos (cowboys) will show you the ropes and take you into the outback. Water sports such as rafting and kayaking complement the terrestrial activities.  

For the extreme active adventures in Patagonia, we also have jet boat tours on melt-water rivers to the most remote Andean lakes. 

Coastal lodges and haciendas are excellent for kayaking, wildlife watching, birding, horse riding, hiking, 4×4 safaris, walking, bicycles, reading, games rooms and swimming.   

Ask us for the best Patagonia multisport holiday tailored to suit you.  

I would not only consider Andean Trails as an option if I were lucky enough to be looking for another adventure, it would be my first choice.

M. Elliot, Trek and Kayak Paine W

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