Ecuador and Galapagos cruises

A Galapagos Islands cruise is one of the best tours in the world.  The Galápagos are undoubtedly Ecuador’s most well-known and justifiably popular tourist attraction.  Even non-wildlife people will not cease to be amazed by the animals, birds, vegetation and scenery of these enchanted islands.  

The Galapagos archipelago consists of thirteen large islands, six smaller ones and many rocky outcrops.  The islands are situated 1,000km off the coast of mainland Ecuador.  This is the most diverse and complex island group in the world in terms of their relatively pristine conditions, where the flora and flora were able to evolve without being threatened from introduced species.  Each island has its own speciality of wildlife and has designated visitor sites for cruise boat passengers to visit. A limited number of people is allowed in each visitor site each day, so you can explore and enjoy the islands in a small group. 

A Galapagos Islands cruise 

A Galapagos Islands cruise will show you the very best of the Galapagos Islands.  The boats are generally small yachts or cruise ships which take around 16 passengers. They vary in level of comfort and standard from budget, midrange, to first-class and luxury boats. We also work with a small number of larger boats, should you prefer.  A typical day includes land visits, walks, snorkelling, some swimming and kayak too and sea journeys. The Galapagos wildlife will be all around. Itineraries are carefully planned to include all the highlights you’d like to see on your Galapagos Island holiday. You will be expertly guided and well catered for whichever boat you choose. Cruises are usually from 4-8 days in length, or longer, and visit several Galapagos Islands.  

For whale watchers, head to the coastal town of Puerto Lopez and enjoy day trips to see whales leaping from the sea. 

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Galapagos were excellent. The boat selection and the cruise itinerary were outstanding.

Everything was perfectly organised. Everything was excellent, the guides were very professional and helpful.

Z. Vuelta, Anahi Galapagos Cruise

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