Off-the-beaten-track in Patagonia

Patagonia is a vast land offering remote and off-the-beaten-path adventures.

Chilean Patagonia is one of the most stunning wilderness areas on earth. This is a land of remote fjords, glaciers, ice-cap and mountain peaks, off the beaten track and ripe for adventure. Few people tread the tracks and trails of this pristine area.

Journey to visit a part of the 1,700-mile Route of Parks, an initiative of Kristine Tomkins. There are 17 national parks on this route, astonishing mountain landscapes, diverse cultures, fabulous ecosystems and barely any visitors.

We can organise a self-drive programme along the Carretera Austral road between Puerto Montt and Villa O’Higgins, or stretches in between. Take a trek from Villa O’Higgins to El Chalten in Argentina, crossing 2 lakes and one of the most remote of the Chile / Argentina borders.

Book guided day walks or multi-day hikes through Cerro Castillo park in Aysen or Patagonia park. Choose rafting the might white water of the Futaleufú River or to kayak in tranquil fjords of Pumalin park …. there’s a lifetime of adventure opportunities.

To get off the beaten track in the mountains of Argentina head inland from the pampas to the Andes. On remote trails from San Martin de los Andes or in Los Alerces National Park you probably won’t see another soul.

For wildlife, take to the coast and visit the remote sustainable ecolodge at Bahia Bustamante, far from the crowds. Visit any of Argentina’s Estancias, dotted through Patagonia for a warm welcome and a fabulous insight into the ranching and guacho life, typical of this part of the world.

Whatever activity you prefer whether hiking, biking, rafting, horseback or kayak we have an off the beaten track adventure that can be tailored exactly for you. A warm welcome, excellent food and wine await. Expert guides show you the hidden corners of the wonderful land.

Travel off-the-beaten-path through the remote and untouched Patagonian steppes, mountains and valleys.

As well as the wilderness what is really remarkable is just how very few people there are.

Every couple of hours driving along the Carretera Austral there is a village or small town, little more than a cluster of wooden shingle-roofed houses, often flaking apart.

K. Jarvis, Northern Patagonia

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