Cultural holidays in Peru

On our cultural holidays in Peru, you will learn something of the history and culture of this fascinating Andean country.

From coastal desert communities to the ancient traditions in the high Andes and tribal customs in the Amazon, this vibrant country is unmatched in diversity. Each region has a distinct way of life, unique set of beliefs and relationship with the earth, water and air.

The Inca people were central to highland Peru. Lake Titicaca was birthplace of the Incas. Their empire was extensive and many highland traditions stem from those times. The Quechua language, still widely spoken amongst highland Peruvians, was language of the Incas.

The Inca trails, walked by many thousands of trekkers, were ancient routes connecting remote villages. These paths were further developed by the Incas to connect the farthest points of their empire. Many villages are still only connected by path, some farming land is owned collectively and villagers barter and share.

Peru has a full calendar of traditional and colourful festivals. A cultural holiday can include a festival or rural homestay visit, giving the best insight into the culture of the highlands.

The agricultural calendar can be seen in the traditional weavings, of belts, blankets and bags. Plant dyes are used. Peru’s modern and historic cultural richness can be seen on a tour to traditional weaving centres, small-town markets and on farm visits. A local guide can give in-depth understanding of fascinating archaeological sites.

Ask our advice on a culturally-rich Peru group or bespoke tour or holiday, that we will tailor specifically to suit you. We also organise long-term volunteer opportunities, throughout this marvellous Andean country.

A  cultural tour, with expert local guides, will bring Peru’s cultures alive to you. Wherever you go in Peru on holiday, the vibrancy of the people, their culture and history will accompany you.

What a fantastic trip!! The itinerary, hotels and organisation were excellent.

The highlights of the trip were  reaching the Sun gate and looking down on Machu Picchu, and the stay with Mama Husta  on Amantani Island - lovely family and we helped the children in school. Thanks for a wonderful holiday.

G. Edwards, Peru Highlights

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