Argentina: Top 10 off-the-beaten-track sights

by on 29th August, 2013

Argentina: Top 10 alternative things to do

Argentina has many famous destinations from Buenos Aires to Patagonia.

Here we look at 10 of its unknown nooks and crannies to whet your Argentina travel holiday appetite.

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Moconá Waterfalls

An incredible site. Unique, an overused word that here is not used lightly.

The Moconá Waterfalls run for almost two miles dividing the Uruguay river along its length.

The falls reach up to 60 feet in height at points along these geographical fault, as the ‘upper’ river cascades down waterfalls into a lower river along the divide.

Iguazu – in the same park – provides the height, and Moconá the length.


Fossils, cliffs and petroglyphs – Talampaya National Park & Ischigualasto Provincial Park (La Rioja & San Juan province)

A look into the history of the world.

Ischigualasto Provincial Park is one of the most important paleontological fields in the world with 180 million-year-old fossils, dinosaur footprints and petrified tree trucks just some of the highlights.

Talampaya National Park features brick-red rock steep cliffs, where condors nest, and thousands of distinctive shapes carved by erosion as well as precious archaeological remains such as stone mortars and pre-Columbian petroglyphs.


Wine tasting in Buenos Aires

Anuva tailors traditional tapas to hand-picked wines of the highest order, all matched to your tastes and wishes.

Walk-ins are not accepted and you have to reserve in advance to enjoy this boutique experience.

Staff will present to you the highest-rated, boutique wines grown in Argentina.

They match five wines alongside five regionally produced, traditional dishes to introduce people to the Argentine palate and culture.

Each wine is unique, characterized by different varietals, vineyards, and regions.


Classic cafeteria interior Buenos Aires Argentina

Classic cafeteria interior Buenos Aires Argentina


Ricardo Güiraldes, writing inspiration

Some 100km from Buenos Aires is Estanca La Porteña, where you can spend the day (or longer) absorbing the surroundings that inspired one of Argentina’s most cherished writers.

Ricardo Güiraldes, author of the internationally acclaimed novel “Don Segundo Sombra”, wrote some of his most inspired works while staying at the hacienda.

Folklore, tradition and a glimpse of the preserved gaucho lifestyle awaits.


Esteros del Ibera – Corrientes province (Wetlands)

In the north east of the country and close to border with Paraguay, Esteros del Iberá is a 1.3-million-hectare provincial park in Corrientes province.

Iberá (Guaraní for ‘bright waters’) contains 64 lakes, 350 species of birds, 60 species of mammals, 50 species of reptiles, 35 species of amphibians and 110 species of fish, including cayman, capybaras and deer.

A biologically diverse area which, with an annual mean temperature of 20°C, makes Iberá a paradise to visit and enjoy wildlife spotting.

Puerto Valle makes for an excellent stay.


Tolar Grande

A full eight hours of travel from Salta, in Argentina’s far north west, Tolar Grande rewards the adventurous traveller looking to explore this Andean outpost.

A wild and unexplored territory, you are rewarded with a scenery will amaze you especially when so few know about it or visit the area.

Colourful rock formations, amazing stars, salt flats, puna and more.


Estancia visit

No trip to Argentina is complete without a visit to a working estancia.

At Santa Cecilia, in Misiones (north east of Argentina), this working estancia is surrounded by countryside of low hills, ancient forests and waterways.

The estancia has cattle and offers you the chance to work with the gauchos who look after the cattle, as well as relax and try fantastic local produce.


Museo de chocolate, Bariloche

Famed for its lakes and skiing, this museum takes you from the birth of chocolate and its early make (Mayas and Aztecs) right up to the modern day techniques.

Learn how it spread to Europe, who started to perfect the recipes which we now recognise as today’s (generally) sweet treat.


Buenos Aires: bike tour to the Tigre river

Buenos Aires is a huge city, too big to walk around. Drive around it and the traffic can get to you.

This half day bike tour (4-5 hours) helps you enjoy this beautiful city and see the historical sites by bike.

Staying close to the famous Tigre river, you’ll ride on bike paths where available, avoiding traffic when possible and in a non-strenuous fashion.

The highlights include: Tigre, El Puerto de Frutos, San Isidro, Barrancas de Acassuso, Olivos and much, much more.


Buenos Aires – city tour with cinema

Prior to each stop, your city tour bus turns into a micro-cinema. Depending on the attraction, you may see a short clip of Evita speaking to the crowd from the Casa Rosada, or the Argentine people celebrating the return of democracy.

The tours aims to bring to life the history of this fantastic city through this innovative audiovisual experience.

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