Colombian food to try on holiday

by on 22nd April, 2016

Colombian food to try on holiday

Colombia has some seriously tasty food to try, an essential part of any holiday to a country which personifies diversity.

From the thousands of bird species to ecosystems to the 60+ languages spoken to the fruits that grow.

There are lots of incredible fruit juices to try here, as well as ice creams, rums and beers.

As you move from the more meat-heavy mountains to the fish-laden coast, be sure to try some of these tasty treats.

There are many, many more – send your favourites to us.



Available with chicken or fish (usually), this is a real favourite of Tom’s, sancocho.

Yucca, potato and sometimes more veg, and served with coconut rice at the coast.

Within it, meat and fish, and some places give you an extra portion of meat/fish on the side. Hearty!


Bandeja paisa

Probably the most well known meal in Colombia, and the Bandeja Paisa’s big reputation is based on the fact that it, well, BIG.

The bandeja paisa is traced back to Antioquia, where peasants working the field were looking for a calorie-laden meal to provide energy for the whole day.

Be prepared to share a plate, as the bandeja paisa usually consists of:

Red beans, rice, minced beef, chorizo, plantain, arepa (a cornmeal based cake, a bit like a potato cake), avocado, fried egg on top and of course a big slice of fried pork belly, called chicharron.


Ajiaco Bogotano

Some have it as a starter, but most will find this dish is substantial enough as a main.

Ajiaco Bagotano is thick and rich and accompanied by the ubiquitous arepas to help fill you up.

It usually comes with chicken, two types of potato, corn and yucca.



These you’ll find everywhere, from street vendors to restaurants, as Colombia makes the most of the many varieties of banana that grow here.

Often patacones will be served alongside main dishes, like fried chips, but you can also find patacon served as gigantic and filling main dishes.

Served as a main, the patacon is pounded into a thin base, 0.5cm thick but perhaps covering an area the size of A4 or A3 paper.

On top will be served cheese, chicken, beef, avocado and more. Tasty!

There are many varities of patacon to look out for, the toasted type and also Patacón Pisao – flatted and fried and served with either a spicy sauce called Aji or hogao, a lovely tomato and onion sauce.


Langostinos al Ajillo

This is basically prawns in garlic, sometimes served with a salad, and has a real Caribbean feel to it

There is lemon and seafood and garlic mixed in with fresh prawns, tomatos and onion.

Some people put cumin in as well, and the flavours mix together well while you enjoy a cold beer or rum, accompanied by the sound of the Caribbean waves crashing near you.

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