Cusco, month by month guide when to go

by on 19th February, 2016

Cusco, month by month guide when to go

The best weather and the best time to visit Cusco? It’s all relative now, says Cusco resident and tour guide Mark Smith.


He writes:

Once upon a time, “Peru season” was very much April to October, but as in much of the world the weather has changed and the seasons are not as marked as they once were.


Jan and Feb:

Everyone thinks January and February are just wet. But not always.

Lima and the coast is at the height of summer.

And the last few years around Cusco, there has not actually been much rain at all much to the dismay of farmers. There have been some lovely warm days and very few tourists.



Normally a really nice time of year. The whole landscape is green after the rains. You can certainly expect to still get some rains, but it is generally very spring-like.

Last year, saw the rains last a bit longer though.


April to October:

This is the ideal time to come to Peru as this is typically the dry season.

There are lots of fantastic festivals at this time to see, especially June and July which are the busiest months.



A really nice time of year. Getting quieter, not too cold and not too hot.

Almost certain to get lots of sunshine.

A few dates are quite difficult with availability so just ask us.



Quiet, generally fairly easy to get hotel bookings, maybe a small amount of rain but generally sunny



Has been fantastic the last three years with over 20 days of straight sunshine. Plenty of hotel space.



Very quiet, hotel availability generally very easy before Christmas.

The Christmas and New Year period is more difficult with the top end hotels but availability is still there.

Often there is a premium rate charged by the hotels during these dates, and top end hotels have compulsory dinners on Christmas and New Years’ Eve.


Yes, it does rain, but generally in the afternoon with sunshine in the morning. So go out and do an activity in the morning then have a relaxing afternoon.

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