Ecuador bucket list : Top 10

by on 27th February, 2018

What not to miss in Ecuador


Ecuador offers the visitor so much to see and do.

Here are our top 10 bucket list picks of what not to miss in Ecuador, to inspire you:


Galapagos Cruise

For many a dream destination. The Galapagos – abundant wildlife, dramatic volcanic islands and a guaranteed unforgettable experience. Take a cruise and visit those places only accessible by sea.



More spectacular wildlife for the nature enthusiast.  Experience the sounds and scents of the Amazon, spot the reclusive wildlife.  Nowhere on earth can match the immensity and variety of flora and fauna like the Ecuadorian Amazon. Why not stay at a community run lodge and get to know the local inhabitants too.


Cloud Forest

A short drive from Quito and you enter the realm of the cloud forest. Incredible scenery, hundreds of humming birds and other bird life. Stay in a comfortable lodge, such as the Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge,  for one or two nights for a magical experience.


Chocolate tour

A recent archaeological study suggests that Ecuador may have been the original home of the cocoa bean and the country does produce some of the world’s best chocolate. Take a tour into the cloud forest near Quito and visit and artisanal producer to see the entire process of making chocolate. Begin at the cocoa tree, taste fresh fruit and see the process to the finished chocolate. The best bit is at the end with plenty of tasting!


Pujili market

Experience the bustle, colours and culture of Ecuador at one of the many markets.

Pujili Market takes place every day but it is at its liveliest on a Sunday when people from the local area gather to sell a variety of goods.



Tickle your taste buds with tasty ceviche –  raw fish  marinated in citrus juices, onions and spicy chili pepper.


Galapagos Land based trip  

For land lovers,  the Galapagos also offers an incredible experience with hotel based programmes. Snorkel, hike, bike and spot the incredible wildlife as well as explore the local towns.



Visit one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. Cotopaxi stands at 5,897m and is a unique place for trekking, mountaineering, horse riding or mountain biking and opportunities to stay in a nearby hacienda.



Quilotoa is an extinct volcano with an amazing  blue/green lake in its crater. There are opportunities to walk around the rim or descend into the crater as part of our Ecuador Highlights holiday.


Hacienda Zuleta

Treat yourself at one of the country’s top haciendas. Ecuadorian presidents have lived in the sprawling old Hacienda Zuleta, which holds as much history as there are activities on offer.

Horse riding, treks, spotting spectacled bears and cheese making to name but a few.


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