Travel – what MUST you see before you die

by on 13th September, 2013

Travel to which place before you die?

The question, the ultimate for people that like travel.

Do you go for something remote? Personal? Unaffordable? To impress dinner guests?

Where is the one place you’d like to see before you die?

Here are the places Andean Trails’ staff want to visit before they die.

Where is yours?


Kathy Jarvis

“For me the Himalayas, Tibetan side.

“I have spent so much time in the Andes and with the people of the high Andes, that I’d love to see how the mountains and the way of life differs on the other side of the world.”


Alan Lyall

“Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia.

“I’ve never been to Asia and Mongolia to me has this ring of being a far-flung hidden land full of mystery and wonder.

“I probably have a very romantic notion of it but then again I always love the adventure of new places. This destination might not be too much fun getting to though!”

(Note: the city is meant to be one of the world’s drabbest capitals, compensated by having incredibly friendly people).


Tom Shearman

“Millions of places. But really it’s Sabina Park, Jamaica.

“England are playing test cricket against the West Indies, it’s day 3 of 5 and it’s a Saturday. It’s warm, a few clouds around, and I’m in the new Party Stand, which replaced the famous Mound Stand a few years ago.

“It’s about 3pm. I can see the Blue Mountains in the background, and Kingston Harbour view has been returned to the ground, as they have knocked down the horrible North Stand, just for me.

“I’ve had a few Red Stripes and England captain Alistair Cook (from Gloucester, like me) has just hit a century, but we’re 247-5 and so the atmosphere is rocking, and the famous Windies bowlers (they need to find some) are firing it down at 95mph.

“The band has just started up (we’re in the Party Stand, remember. Party Stand in Jamaica. That’s Jamaica.), It’s going to be a great afternoon and evening.

I don’t like cricket, I love it. I was only meant to write 30 words, so that shows what it means.”


Kat Dougal

“Oh what a difficult one – there are waaaayyy too many places on the bucket list at the moment, but hopefully also still plenty of time to visit them!

“Maybe the most different place that I would like to visit one day is Antarctica – I imagine it to be so wonderfully serene and just so much “empty” space. Not sure about the Drake crossing though!

“For something warmer it would be Ethiopia… oh dear, now I’ve named two. First aim at the moment however, is to get the wee one (lovely Lina) travelling with us!”

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