Paradise? Galapagos Safari Camp

by on 10th July, 2015

Paradise? Galapagos Safari Camp

Andean Trails’ Tom decided that as he is no longer as young as he used to be, it would be nice to treat himself to a spot of safari luxury at the end of an active trip to the Galapagos Islands.

This is his story: 


“That’s the best sunset in Galapagos. And the Galapagos is the best place in the world for sunsets.”

It was hard to disagree with the waiter, the very same waiter who was topping up my Singapore sling sundowner, which blended in with the burnished sky and umber Galapagos Islands.

The sunset drew to close a luxurious day at Galapagos Safari Camp, an African-style camp in the highlands of Santa Cruz.

The morning had started with a private tour from my guide Stephan, who had rhapsodized on wildlife, existentialism and relationships in between hiking volcanoes craters and spotting giant tortoises en route to the camp.

Having slept under canvass across the world – nothing prepared me for the details at theGalapagos Safari Camp.


View over Safari Camp Galapagos

View over Safari Camp, Galapagos



I settled in with a cup of tea and delicious homemade cakes made just for me, sipping from the comfort of my terrace hammock, flitting finch wings providing a background thrum.

Slipping on the soft dressing gown left in my spacious tent, I flip-flopped to the deserted and refreshing infinity pool to gaze out over Galapagos.

Space. Infinity. Openness. Comfort. Opulent. Everywhere I went in the camp, one or more of these words would leap to the forefront of my mind.

Back in the tent, I lounged in the hammock some more, wrote my journal and enjoyed a soothing shower before heading to the camp’s designated sunset spot.

Nightly, guests gather to enjoy snacks and drinks while looking west to the drowning sun, reflecting on the day’s tours.


Where to go

Revived, next was a sumptuous dinner  – almost all ingredients are sourced on the neighbouring farm – accompanied by conversation as free flowing as the extensive wine list.

Look out at the stars? Relax in front of the open fire? Back to the hammock? When life gets this slow and comfortable, these decisions seem complex.

I shuffled home to my tent and collapsed into the enormous and inviting bed, to awake the next day as if in a paradise. Galapagos Safari Camp is that paradise within a paradise.

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