Restaurants and Eating Out: Food in Galapagos Islands

by on 11th October, 2019


Eating out choices in the Galapagos Islands have blossomed, with many new bars, cafes and restaurants opening in recent years, as hotel-based holidays have become more popular.

Top-end dining has truly yet to arrive at the Galapagos Islands due to its remote location and difficulty in importing ingredients.

However, the three main islands, Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela, offer a wide range of restaurants. They suit almost every budget and cater for most dietary requirements, from vegan to vegetarian, gluten-free and more.

What you will find is Ecuadorian and international cuisine featuring a lot of fish, rice, vegetables and fruit juices, plus the classics; burgers, pizzas and crepes.

To end hotels such as Finch Bay, Red Mangrove and Isabela Crossing offer high-end experiences (and prices) so our guide concentrates on slightly quirkier places.

Note:  if you head to Floreana you must organise meals in advance – restaurants only open when people book ahead.


Santa Cruz

Lobsters at Fish Market Santa Cruz Galapagos

Lobsters at fish market, Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz is awash with places to eat and offers, and almost everyone will head to Los Kioskos for the best local street seafood, well worth it for cheap, fresh seafood.


Andrea & Valerio – Ecuadorian cuisine

Avenida Charles Darwin, +593 5-352-7054.

Nice views, good service and lovely sea food as well as Ecuadorian classics.


Il Giardino – International cuisine

A bit of everything for everyone – it would be hard to go wrong here, especially with a family.


Almar – Fine dining

(on waterfront – Galapagos Habitat Hotel).

Beautiful terrace (recommend booking), lovely wines and if you fancy a splurge, here’s the place.


Galapagos Deli – café and fast food

Thomas de Berlanga, Santa Cruz. Phone: +593 3014981.

One of our favourites for pizza, great sandwiches, great coffee and fish and chips Galapagos style, plus nice salads. A little hidden away on a street behind the main seafront walk.


Up and coming restaurants to visit include Muelle de Darwin and Bahia Mar – we’ve heard good things, but have yet to try them ourselves.



cheesy bread snack Mary Anne Galapagos

Cheesy bread snacks – nam nam!


Isabela island has a  laid-back feel to it. The ‘main’ plaza has a row of restaurants (called Restaurant Row) that offer various tasty dishes – not always at the cheapest prices – and it seems that every year there are new places to try.

The top-end hotels (Iguana Crossing, Red Mangrove, Casa Marita) all offer interesting menus at higher prices and represent the main fine dining options.

Directions are a bit vague because Puerto Villamil is very small, restaurants and bars are easy to find and never more than a few minutes walk away.


Shawarma Hot – international and seafood

Main street, to the right of restaurant row – heading back to the pier and Concha de Perla.

Great for lunch – by 12.30 it can be impossible to find a seat. Burgers, shawarmas, fried rice and seafood dishes are all worth trying.


Coco Surf – sea food and cocktails

Soups, crispy rice, seafood platters and slow service are all part of the charm of Coco Surf. The lovely cocktail, served while you are waiting, may convince you to stay longer.


El Toque de Melida – Ecuadorian cuisine

Past El Cafetal, La Fogata and El Faro restaurants.

Great for those on a budget, big lunches at wallet-friendly prices.


Isabela Booby Trap – international and deserts

Head towards Wall of Tears / Iguana Crossing hotel, last stop.

Great pizzas, brownies and ice cream, with a bar upstairs.


Oasis – Ecuadorian cuisine

Close to San Vincente hotel.

Small, family-run restaurant but check opening hours. Big meals using local ingredients.


San Cristobal


Fish market in Galapagos


San Cristobal island is, gastronomically, somewhere between Santa Cruz and Isabela; with more dining options than the latter, but perhaps not as many as high quality as the former.


Cabaña Mi Grande – breakfast, fast food

Jose de Villamil, second-floor (staircase).

Good breakfasts, milkshakes, juices, empanadas and more.


Muyu – Ecuadorian and seafood

Calle Charles Darwin, lote 2, Sector Playa de Oro.

Great position, lovely pisco sours (among other drinks) and a steady wine list, tied up with great food. Probably the best place in town.


Guiseppe’s – international and Italian cuisine

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal (at the end of the seafront boulevard).

Offers great Italian food that is not just pizza, although that is served, too.


Midori – sushi

Igancio Hernández, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (second floor).

Not to be confused with the pool table place on Santa Cruz! Great views and something novel for the islands. Don’t expect Japan-quality servings, but do enjoy its alternative vibe.


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