South America honeymoon planning and travel advice

by on 4th July, 2014

South America honeymoon planning

Pros and cons of private and group tours in honeymoon packages, plus recommendations some super South America honeymoon destinations in this week’s blog.


Tom writes:

“The honeymoon dream; the romantic getaway, be that trekking up a mountain, or relaxing on a beach with a glass of something cold. A joint indulgence of each other.

Your guide found you a small bottle of wine to take with you to a secluded spot. You’re both gazing over the Patagonian steppe, dappled in the moonlight, while a zephyr’s melodic song whispers for you two alone.

He leans in…

And so does Dave, your new ‘best’ mate, grabbing your glass and shouting: ‘They’ve got wine! They’ve got wine! You don’t mind, do you? Come on everyone, this is great. Wine! Patagonia!”


Honeymoons in South America

Weddings and civil partnerships are social, busy and enchanting times. After saying goodbye to all the smiling relatives, it’s time to repack the bag and head off on that long-planned honeymoon.

Honeymoons in South America are increasingly popular and also expensive and one of the first questions many honeymoon planners will face is: group tour, or private tour.

Can you stand being with people – unknown and sometimes like Dave – in your first few weeks as lifelong companions?


Cachalote front deck Galapagos

Cachalote, Galapagos


Private tours

Private tours clearly allow you to control exactly what you want to do, when and to be with each other all the time, or not. Or with Dave, who has got your wine.

You won’t need to wait for anyone else at any time and those intimate moments; snorkelling with sea lions in the Galapagos, first glimpse of Machu Picchu, the stars of Atacama in Chile. These moments will be for you two, and you two alone.

However, private tours will always stretch the budget, so be prepared.

Do build in some ‘alone’ time as such an intensive two to three week trip abroad – especially if you are not used to such a prolonged period of time together – helps keep the romantic mood going.


Pros: Your trip, your timetable, your honeymoon

Cons: More expensive, less social


Group tours

This works both ways – pros and cons for you, and for your group.

A big plus for the big budget honeymoon is that the group tour allows you to keep costs down and meet new, like-minded people on a short trip, and then spend a few days together for some quiet time.

Being newlyweds is a great ice-breaker in itself. Your new chums will be delighted to hear all about the wedding day (once), the funny stories. This is your chance to recount the day and bathe once more in the glory of it all!

Fitting in some group tours means that you can do that three-day hike while they can go to the spa for four days.

You may find there is a lack of privacy – no intimate dinners alone – but you can always escape to your hotel room/cabin and the group (I’m sure) will be quite forgiving.

If you are very touchy feely people and prone to prolonged displays of public affection, it may be worth considering a private tour as some people may not take kindly to days spent watching you swap tongues at the dinner table.

There is one legendary Andean Trails’ tale of newlywed couple (he fireman, she Jane) who kept everyone awake on the Inca Trail with their late night tent shenanigans. Not everyone wants to share everything.


Pros: More affordable, more sociable, mix n match of romance and adventure

Cons: Other people, less alone time, you need to fit into other’s plans



Our Top 5 South America adventure honeymoon destinations (in no specific order):

Galapagos Islands: Wildlife, scenery and sea.

Inca Trail, Peru: Superb trek through stunning scenery with magical Machu Picchu at the end.

Atacama, Chile: Stars, stars, breathtaking scenery – all in indulgently luxurious surrounding.

Manu Wildlife Centre, Peru: Jungle adventure with a cosy lodge for intimate evenings in the Amazon.

Hotel Las Torres, Chile: Rugged environment by day, decadent bedroom by night.


Tierra Atacama San Pedro de Atacama Chile

Tierra Atacama, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

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