Toro Toro National Park, a hidden gem of Bolivia.

by on 26th November, 2015

Toro Toro National Park, Bolivia

Our friend Remy van den Berg takes us through his impressions of Bolivia’s Toro Toro National Park, a hidden gem of Bolivia.


He writes:

“The best thing about the whole experience was that we were the only people at all of these natural wonders. Our Toro Toro experience was wonderful and unforgettable.

We were lucky to witness a very special event. The indigenous people came from far away villages to celebrate a special day of the year, Santiaguito- the saint of the village Toro Toro.

What we saw we can hardly explain. The entire day the local people were playing panpipes and charangos, the typical Bolivian instrument, and indigenous woman were waving white flags.

There was a lot of chicha, the corn beer of the Incas. In every corner there were people stomping on the ground, to the rhythms of the charango players. Also the clothing was very interesting and very original of the region.


Toro Toro

Along with our fantastic local guide Victor, we visited caves, canyons and waterfalls.

We saw plenty of dinosaur footprints, rock formations and also spotted some Andean condors, macaws and vizcachas.

We chose the option with cheaper accommodation at Hotel Vergel in Toro Toro village and our double room with bathroom was basic but clean and fine.

The included breakfasts, lunches and dinners were unexpectedly delicious and typical from Bolivia, we particularly enjoyed relaxing with our guide over some great Bolivian specialities after hot days in the park.

“This was a very special trip we will never forget.”


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