Bolivia & La Paz: Top Tips for families

by on 26th September, 2014

Bolivia & La Paz: Top Tips for families

Kat found Bolivia’s La Paz a great place for families as she shares her Bolivia trip memories as well as photos on Facebook.


Kat writes:

“This was the first time I left my little girl and husband behind.

But even as I was travelling without my family I couldn’t help but notice all the things I could have done with my family – and I was already starting to imagine a return to La Paz… this time with them.

My first thoughts had been that La Paz would be chaotic, noisy, loud – maybe not a great place with kids. As I strolled the streets of this vibrant city I realised that yes, it was all that – in an exciting, charming and addictive way.


Thinking of Lina

I was starting to imagine how my daughter, Lina, would be mesmerized by what was going on in the streets, by the people passing by, by lively markets, by the food being sold at street stalls, by the noises and the colours.

And I was starting to think that it would actually be a great cultural experience – and fun.

Looking around for what to do with kids, I found there would be plenty indeed.

On Sundays the Prado Boulevard closes down for all traffic and pedestrians enjoy browsing stalls, sampling food, listening to live bands and seeing dance performances of all kinds on various stages.

Best of all, there is also a zone for kids, where the little ones can engage in arts, try musical instruments, paint, make stuff, build things. Creativity galore! If only we had this back home, I thought.


Top tips

The truth is, I could write a good dozen blogs on what I did and saw in Bolivia.

I also asked one of our long standing partners, Jaira Rivera Mazorco, mother of an 8-year-old daughter, for her Top 5 things to do in the city with kids.

And together this is what we came up with:


Jaira’s Top 5 Bolivia and la Paz Family tips:

1) Going for a picnic in one of the many parks (eg Mallasa or Aranjuez area)

2) Going horseback riding

3) Making your own ceramics in Mallasa

4) Taking a ride in the Teleferico

5) Getting involved in traditional agriculture through the UTASAWA college


Kat’s Top 5 Bolivia and la Paz Family tips:

1) The Prado on Sundays for interactive play

2) Exploring the markets and their colourful fruit and food stalls

3) Visiting one of many play parks in the city

4) Playing Indiana Jones at the fascinating Tiwanaku ruins nearby

5) Taking a time out – head to a swimming pool or a cinema (English films)

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