On a city bike tour in Lima, Peru

by on 3rd July, 2015

On a city bike tour in Lima, Peru

Get off the bus and get on your bike – city bike tours are a fabulous way to discover the hidden corners of the city.

Seeing all the sights while pedaling around gives a real feel for a city, and Lima in Peru is no different, replete as it is with pretty parks and  well cared for gardens.

Choosing a guided two-wheeled tour helps to beat the traffic and shows you the often unseen and tranquil corners of daunting and sprawling conurbations.

Our Peruvian partner Tullio took time out to explore his own city by bike.


He writes:

We set off from the very central off in Miraflores just after 10am, having listened to a short safety briefing and then saddled up.

First off, we turned into the newly built bike lane on Av. Larco, crossed Benavides and Schell before heading to a little park behind the Miraflores municipality building.

Our guide used this quiet place to explain some of the history of Miraflores, how it was founded and its role in the war against Chile in the late 1800s.

On to the famous Parque Kennedy, another place replete with old tales and we were shown some old photos to show how it used to be.

We headed west to the El Malecon, a near six-mile stretch of parks and open spaces that perch atop cliffs that face the Pacific Ocean.

Our guide always took time to explain to us about the city and how it is changing, like talking about how important surfing has become. Next, we saw how Lima is changing as we stopped at the shopping complex Larcomar – its history is very different to its modern use!

We kept cycling along the Malecon and then crossed a bridge into the bohemian Barranco neighbourhood. It feels like a different city sometimes, as we glided through quiet residential roads to a boulevard at Avenuda Saenz Peña.

Then we crossed a road to see yet another side of Barranco, not usually seen, with nice old houses and narrow, quiet streets.

We doubled back to see the coastline and, after a quick snack, headed back, everyone happy, to the centre of Miraflores.

Throughout the day, we had to cross a couple of main roads with traffic lights ( 28 de Julio one of them ) but we all made it back…in one piece!

Happy clients, in this case everyone, handed a tip for the guide before each heading off. A great way to see my city.”


What should we wear?

Anything you feel comfortable in. Keep in mind that Lima is very flat so no tiring/sweaty uphills….shorts and a long sleeve would be just fine; in winter perhaps something a bit warmer around your waist for the stops.


Anything to look out for?

Just use common sense and follow the guide in front. Quite a bit of the ride is through parks and cycle lanes and small roads. I didn´t feel at any time that any of us were at any risk; yes, we had to cycle for about 200 meters on a kind of busy road but very much at the side so it was safe and most drivers were careful around us.


How tough is it?

This is not for those big on cycling….it runs at a leisurely pace with lots of stops for explanations on the history of Lima and particularly of Miraflores, Barranco and Chorrillos, photos, snack….suitable for everyone who wants to see a bit of Lima in a different way.


What was the snack?

It was a choice of cheese, local ham or olive sandwich with a soft drink, provided in a small old bar and included.


Were the bikes comfortable?

Yes, they were comfortable enough…I´m not an expert but they looked and felt good.

And the guide had a very good command of English and was very knowledgeable

We can also offer half or one day city and surrounding cycle tours in Santiago, Buenos Aires and Cusco as well as our multi-day cycle tours in Peru.

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