Five star hotels in Cusco, Peru

by on 21st November, 2014

Hotel Monasterio, Gardens, Cusco, Peru


We take a look at Cusco’s burgeoning five star hotel scene this week, for all of which we get good booking rates for our passengers.


These hotels are perfect for a treat or to rest aching bones after some trekking on the Luxury Inca Trail or the adventure of the Apurimac.


Or for those that have become accustomed to luxury on the Salkanty Lodge-to-Lodge trek.



Belmond Palacio Nazarenas


The most luxurious of all: soap butlers, a spa that just relaxes you as soon as you step in and so much more.

Beautiful but in a less understated way than La Casona. Not over the top, just more of a “Look at me I am beautiful” kind of place in all of its 55 suites, some featuring Inca stonework.


The combination of water and white painted walls around the pool area can make it feel a little like a Mediterranean Island.


There is conservatory, and beautiful little passageways full of plants, very much like Santa Catalina monastery in Arequipa.


Of the top two suites, one has a wonderful view of Plaza Nazarenas.

Hotel Palacio Nazarenas, Suite, Cusco, Peru

Palacio Nazarenas Suite


Inkaterra La Casona


Just 11 suites here and  so very exclusive indeed, and is elegant and discreet.


Las Casona was an old family house a lot of care was taken in the refurbishment to maintain its character and structure.


Entrance and lounge area is very much like someone’s home rather than a hotel and is very personal, with all rooms based around the central courtyard. La Casona just wraps its arms around you and makes you feel as though you have lived there all your life.


At Christmas, New Years, during Cusco fiestas in July etc, you will certainly hear the fireworks. The hotel is located very centrally and Cusco fiestas can be pretty noisy.



Palacio Manco Capac


Fantastic new option on the road up to Sacsayhuaman, three blocks uphill from the Plaza de Armas, with great views over Cusco and beds that Simon Bolivar slept in.


A 400-year-old colonial house, it has just five rooms and feels like a home, too. There are three garden view rooms, and two suites, all five of which are situated around the entrance courtyard/ garden.


It is built upon foundations of what was Inca Manco Capac’s palace, with tasteful decoration throughout. The gardens are not quite finished and there are no baths as although not small, space is not aplenty in the house.

Peaceful, personalised and with a chef who worked in a Michelin star restaurant, the ‘drawback’ is the 10 minute walk down to the plaza (20 to go up!)– or take a taxi.



Belmond Monasterio


Probably the most famous and most iconic of Cusco’s 5* hotels, the Monasterio is a beautiful building (old convent) with a splendidly large courtyard.


Loved by big tour groups, so does not have a very personal feel when you have to step past a group of 30, whose guide is talking very loudly, because they forgot to turn up their hearing aids. However it is the best known 5 star hotel in Cusco, so on a lot of people’s must stay list.


It’s recently had a bit of a revamp and looking good, although superior (entry level) rooms are small and we recommend only using deluxe or above.


The original idea was to connect it to the Monasterio but planning permission was denied. This was the monastery for monks, and the Palacio Nazarenas was once the convent for the nuns. There are rumours of secret tunnels connecting the two.

Hotel Monasterio Restaurant , Cusco, Peru

Restaurant, Hotel Monasterio


Libertador Palacio del Inka


The Libertador has just had a makeover of its 141 rooms and 62 suites and it’s a big improvement.


You are greeted by an impressive entrance lobby and a nice touch is how they have disguised the corridors somewhat, by hanging drapes along them and putting a mirror at the ends.


There are lots of rooms types to choose from but the best rooms are in the colonial part, a beautiful old building and the part of the hotel to stay if you can.



Casa Cartagena

A lovely, cosy restaurant, Milan meets colonial is how some describe this place.


You would need to like a bit of modernism to appreciate the place, as the building is beautiful and they have furnished it with leather, hard plastic, reds, etc


Very spacious rooms indeed but it will not be to everyone’s taste.





Spectacular entrance hallway and lounge and a whopping 146 rooms and 7 suites, it’s a Marriott and you can get it on reward points!


It is the cheapest 5 star in Cusco, with some stunning architecture and what seems a lot of corridors, some of it underground and that area can feel a little  claustrophobic.


A more modern style than the other hotels, it only opened in 2012 and while somesuites are very nice, the basic rooms are certainly nothing special for a 5* hotel.


Think more really great 4* and you won’t be disappointed by staying here.


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