Iguazu Falls – Why they are well worth a visit

by on 6th October, 2017

Iguazu Falls

Cascades of water thundering over hundreds of waterfalls over a 1.7 mile (nearly 3 Km) stretch of land at the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay attracts thousands of tourists every week.

These are the Iguazu Falls.

It is a popular tourist destination and at Andean Trails all of us have visited at different times.

Series falls Iguazu Argentina

Series falls Iguazu Argentina

Tom says:

“I’ve been lucky to see some of the biggest and best waterfalls – Victoria Falls and Kaieteur Falls among them – and Iguazu is up there in the biggest and best that have to be seen. The fact they span two countries and in fact are a meeting point for three make them feel even more important.

My first impression was the heat and humidity followed by the freezing cold water when we took the boat under the Falls. I wish I’d saved the Devil’s Throat for the end because it is a truly magnificent font of water.

In Argentina I felt surrounded by water and was not really able to come to terms with the scale of the falls. From the Brazilian side I was able to get that panoramic photo and appreciate the sheer scale of Iguazu. That’s what has stayed with me – the sheer size and scale.

Like Niagra, you won’t be alone at Iguazu. Get in early, stay late and you’ll get more time to be quieter in the falls, avoiding the main crowds. Take your time, stop and look, and don’t rush. And don’t miss the Brazilian side.”


Kat says:

“I hadn’t been to any waterfalls of that size before, so when I travelled to Argentina a few years ago to visit Patagonia, I decided to add on a few days to also see the mighty Iguazu Falls. I was not disappointed!

I really enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere in Puerto Iguazu (Town) itself, and the visit to the Falls was such a great day out – not only the waterfall, which was really impressive (especially as a first “big waterfall experience” but also as it was lovely to walk along the many walkways through the surrounding jungle. I loved the Devil’s Throat, which you see best in all its thundering might from the Brazilian side. It was hot, so take plenty of water.

It’s a great add on to any holiday in Argentina or Brazil, and if you like waterfalls (and ticking places off your list) then it’s really not to miss.”


Alan says:

“My father was captivated by the film, “The Mission” which was partly filmed at the falls, so even as a child I was mesmerized by these walls of water as it was a film that I was made to watch several times. I had been to Victoria falls as a baby and have no recollection of them and had seen the plume of water vapour of Niagara falls from the train going from Toronto to New York. I really wanted to have a “big falls” experience up close.

When I visited I had limited time and so only managed a quick visit to the Brazilian side.  Several things struck me as from the Brazilian side you get a panoramic view of the Argentine falls. In my head I had imagined one big waterfall but in fact it was hundreds of falls covering a long stretch. I loved the walkways that got you up close and into a position where you could look over the edge of a waterfall. That was thrilling. Also how calm the scene was of the water above the fall near the Devil’s throat.

Many popular tourist destinations are so for a reason and the Iguazu falls are no exception. The falls are magnificent, awesome and well worth visiting. A must for any bucket list.”


Time to plan a visit

The Iguazu falls have two airports, one in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil And the other in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina.  Between the two airports you will find direct flights to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Lima, Buenos Aires, Salta and more giving the falls a great compatibility for itineraries.

It is an all year round destination  but particularly popular with the local school holidays, from Christmas to February, Easter and in July. They are located in tropical rainforest with two distinct seasons: hot and wet summer, October to March, and a relatively dry and fresh winter from May to September.



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