Inspirational travel story for older travellers

by on 28th September, 2012

Inspirational traveller

Lucilla Butler shares her inspirational story to inspire older travellers to head off to South America on an adventure.

Getting to know Lucilla, her sense of adventure and spirit, we couldn’t help but be inspired by her and asked her to write a few words we could share with others and hopefully inspire others as she has us.

This is what she wrote of her three month tour.


“I married months after leaving school.   Then I had six children.   After that I became a magistrate, was seriously ill and got involved in various community projects that precluded long holidays.  Yes, I was busy, a tad bossy and had the temerity to  consider myself indispensible.

Now I am a widow, I have twenty one grand children and my age precludes me being involved in many activities, or rather, I signed the pledge not to serve on any committee ever again.

Now I am blessed with that wonderful gift of time. My grand children on leaving school or university, beetle off into the unknown with rucksacks on their backs and return with stories of fiestas, dope and encounters with snakes, dragons and wild, wild parties.  They throw in the Taj Mahal, Ankor Wat, and many other places exciting places. My daughter wrote a post card once saying that the camel driver had given her an amazing massage. I didn’t turn a hair, honestly!

Now its my turn.


Machu Picchu ruins from afar

Machu Picchu ruins from afar


I’ve poured over books, silenced the bank manager, and with the help of Andean Trails have planned my gap year. I’m seventy, pretty nippy on my pins still, bursting with curiosity and can’t wait for those fiestas but might pass on the dope. I haven’t ridden for about twenty years but assume it must be like riding a bicycle, once accomplished never forgotten, I might be a little stiff afterwards but who cares. I’ve worn in my walking boots by helping to hound walk a pack of beagles. Help the Aged and Oxfam do a splendid line in second hand gear, suitable for the rigors of long bus rides, climbing (small) mountains and admiring glaciers. I’ve bought a knife, just in case and have had jabs for everything including rabies.

I can’t wait.

I realise I will probably be older than most of the tourists I meet,   So what, I have a life times experience on my side,  I have knocked about as they say and if it’s a success I intend having as many gap years as the bank manager will permit.  So come on, forget the arthritis. to hell with the wrinkles. Let’s go and start a new style gap year for older people.”

Lucilla heads off on the 1st of October on a 68 day solo journey where she will visit Argentina, Chile and Peru.


We will catch up with her during her travels to see how she is getting on and look forward to hearing her traveller’s tales.

For the time being, we would like to say, “Buen viaje Lucilla!”


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