Live Namibia safari report – Kathy

by on 22nd October, 2012

Namibia safari report

Namibia is an exciting country. I fell in love with it many years ago and it has since become the first non-Latin American destination we offer our customers.

I am currently travelling in Namibia for a few weeks with my son, checking out some new places for all lovers of wildlife and adventure.

We have just driven back to Windhoek after several days at the amazing Erindi Lodge, really one of the best places I have been to for African wildlife.

On arrival you are greeted by the friendly staff that show you around… but just as we were about to see our room we were called to the water hole to watch a herd of elephants splashing, squirting and frolicking in the mud.


Zebra Etosho Namibia

Zebra, Etosho Namibia


The waterhole is big and all through the day has something to see. 15 or so hippos live there and though mostly they are relaxing below the surface, at 7 in the evening they leave the cool water and head of into the bush in a long waddling parade. Crocodiles are also resident in the waterhole, large and obviously well fed.

Whenever the various antelopes, springbok, hartebeest, wildebeest, waterbuck, kudu and so on come for a drink there’s a chance it’ll turn into a fight for survival as the crocs lurk. Lions and wild dogs also prey on the sick, old or very young. They too are beautiful and entertaining to watch, full of themselves, cavorting, with no need to be wary, being at the top of the food chain.

The food is fresh and buffet style, tea and home-made cake is served each afternoon, followed by sundowners whether on a game drive or out on the terrace, then dinner and night action at the waterhole as rhinos thunder out of the dusk.

Each of the luxury rooms looks over one of the three waterholes surrounding the lodge, teeming with life. As I sipped my wine last night 6 lions appeared just metres away (on the other side of the fence!). They had recently killed a waterbuck and spent the evening drinking and eating just right there. Amazing!


Springbok in Etosha Namibia

Springbok in Etosha Namibia


This is an unusually child-friendly lodge with a play area, an excellent pool, tvs in all the rooms and best of all, dedicated game drives for kids. Specialist guides head out with you, and seem to know exactly where to find all the right wild animals, when to stop for iced drinks, and when the kids have had enough and need to head back to the lodge.

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