Packing list for mountain trekking

by on 21st January, 2016

Packing list for mountain trekking

Trekking has been at the top of our adventure list for many years. We have learned quite a bit and have some valuable tips to share with future trekkers.

Good kit is vital for the enjoyment of any trekking trip – we’ve all heard it before but it’s just so true:

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

A. Wainwright,

Here’s what we think you should pack.


Andean Trails Top Tips

Kathy says: “ I like to look after my knees these days… so I take trekking poles with me to help me get down those steep Inca stairs or Andean slopes.  Wet wipes come in handy if you can’t get to a shower for a few days though I wouldn’t worry too much about how you look or smell.”

Kat says: “I like to pack things in several individual (even colour coded!) bags before putting them into my rucksack – to allow me to get what I need quickly without having to turn the whole backpack inside out. All base layers in one bag, all fleeces, hat, gloves in the other, all food in another, …”

Alan says: “Wear your boots on the plane or take them in your hand luggage in case your baggage gets lost and you don’t get it back before setting off on your trek. Nothing worse than rented boots….”

Maria says: “Bring chocolate–taste the local treats! Even when meals are provided on the trek, it’s sometimes nice to have a little something between stops. Some snacks will give you boost of energy and sometimes when the altitude gets to us, a bar of your favourite chocolate will make you feel better. “

Huayhuash trek camp Peru

Huayhuash trek camp, Peru


A Suggested Kit List

A warm fleece or down jacket

Thermal base layers – layers, layers, layers!

Warm hat, gloves, scarf

Sweater, warm jumper

Waterproof coat & trousers – consider a poncho when trekking in hot areas.

Socks / underwear.

Light weight, quick drying trekking trousers.

A second pair of trekking trousers & t-shirt.

Good, well worn-in walking boots.

Camp shoes (sandals) – your feet will love you for it!

Light weight towel (even if they are a pain to use)



Head torch & spare batteries.

Book – maybe not War and Peace.

Notepaper & pen if you like to document your epic journey.

Sunblock factor 30+ / After sun, lip balm.


Camera, camera memory cards, spare batteries for camera.

Pocket knife.

Insect repellent.

Walking poles.

Day sack & rain-cover.

Extra snacks i.e. cereal bars or favourite chocolate bars.

Kit bag (recommend to be waterproof) for porter carried equipment.

Sleeping bag liner – useful if you are renting a sleeping bag.

Playing cards or travel scrabble are good for evenings in the tent.


A personal first aid kit to include: painkillers, plasters (band-aids), moleskin, anti-biotic cream, general anti-biotics (ask your GP), after-bite (tiger balm), anti-diarrhoea tablets, throat lozenges, re-hydration salts & personal medication.

We also carry an extensive first aid kit on all trips, but these are generally for emergencies only.


Renting Equipment

On most of our treks you can rent sleeping bags, thermarest (if they are not included already) and walking poles. Some places offer additional equipment for hire, so it’s always worth checking with us what you can hire locally – a great way of saving precious luggage space, especially if you are travelling for longer.

Torres del Paine Map Patagonia Chile

Torres del Paine map, Patagonia, Chile


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