Q&A: Kat in Colombia – expert tips and advice

by on 18th November, 2016

Colombia expert tips and advice

Andean Trails’ Kat reports back from beautiful Colombia, where the heady contrasts and sheer beauty of the country inspired her adventure traveller within.

Check Kat’s cracking photos, which take in everything from beaches to mountains to multi-coloured rivers.


Where have you just been?



What did you see and do?

I spent 5 days exploring the Caribbean Coast from Cartagena to Tayrona National Park, 2 days in bustling Bogota and another week travelling to the slightly more off the beaten track Llanos area (Colombia’s plains) and the multi-coloured river of Cano Cristales.


In 20 words, describe your favourite…

Place: The Andes around Bogota – stunning views, clear air, a green patchwork carpet of fields and crops as far  as the eye can reach. I always feel so at peace in the mighty Andes.

Hotel: Casa del Farol in Santa Marta is a great little boutique hotel with a lovely patio, rooftop swimming pool and quirky rooms with varying themes. I was staying at La Habana, Cuba for two nights! Avoid Shanghai though unless you have a penchant for all things red and Chinese dragons.

Excursion: El Pueblito trek, Tayrona National Park – a lovely jungle trek where I learnt a lot about the local indigenous cultures from my guide, spotted 3 types of monkeys and got caught in a most fantastic thunderstorm.


Who would love Colombia?

Colombia has something for every taste – beaches, mountains, jungle, volcanos, coffee, culture and dance… it’s really too diverse to give it a label!

Anybody who likes to go a little off the beaten track still has a chance to do this here as the country has yet to reach its full potential for tourism.


Essentials to bring?

Sunscreen, your Spanish phrasebook and a lust for life and adventure.


Best place for….

Food: Caribbean coast for fresh fish and seafood casseroles and coconut rice.

Beer: Why beer? Try rum instead! Ron Viejo de Caldas, a 15-year-old drop. Lovely.

Coffee: Hacienda La Venecia outside Manizales in Colombia’s coffee region. But really I think there are too many choices!


Advice or top tips?

Read up about Colombia’s recent past as it will give you a greater understanding of the country.

Then enjoy the fact that you are now exploring many areas still new on the travellers’ maps thanks to a very positive movement towards peace.

Going to Colombia now means joining Colombians on an exiting journey as they re-discover their own country.

Try Arepas which seem to be just a little different wherever you go.

Make sure it’s Colombia, not Columbia. Or you’re off to a bad start..;)


Holiday in a nutshell?

A fascinating glimpse of an incredibly large and varied country that has so much to offer that I will definitely be back.


Where to find out more?

Email Kat of course!

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