Top 10 things to see and do in Easter Island, Chile

by on 5th April, 2019


Easter Island is a remote Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The nearest land mass is a 4 and a half hour flight away – that is similar to London Cairo, or New York Denver.

Easter Island or Rapa Nui as it is known by the islanders, is Chilean territory and is served by daily flights from Santiago and a once weekly flight from Tahiti.

The Island’s history is  convoluted and tragic and one of the main attractions to visitors are the moais (monolithic human figures which are found all over the Island ) and the mystery that surrounds them.

This is not a beach destination, but an open air museum hosted by a charming and friendly peoples, the Rapanui of Polynesian ancestry.

These are out top 10 things to do and see for those visitors to the island.




1) Sunset at Ahu Tahai

The ceremonial complex at Tahai is the largest archaeological site near to the island’s capital Hanga Roa. The restoration gives an idea of what life was like for the original inhabitants. The setting of the Ahu next to the ocean and in a field of green is a wonderful place to see the sun lower over the horizon at sun set.


2) Sunrise at Ahu Tongariki

Ahu Tongariki is the largest Ahu (sacred platform) on the island and due to its location the best to witness sunrise from.

Its moais were knocked over during the island’s civil wars and it was also been dragged inland by the effects of a tsunami in 1960. The 15 moais have been restored and sunrise is a magical start to the day.



Ahu Tongariki


3) Hike to the caves

A guided walk to hidden caves on the North East coast such as Ana Te Pora, Ana Kakenga, Ana Te Pahu  as well as the platforms of Ahu Akapu and Ahu Te Peu are the opportunity to witness and experience some of the island’s mystic magic away from the crowds.


4) Diving at the sunken moai

For those PADI certified divers there is the unique opportunity to dive and see the fallen moais under the water in the sea.


5)Spot turtles at Pea Beach

Pea beach is in the middle of the town of Hanga Roa  and is one of the main places on the island where sea turtles congregate. It is a great place to spot them ever mindful that these are and endangered species .


6) Astronomic tour

This is the opportunity to learn about the night sky over one of the most remote islands in the world. Gain an insight into the history and navigational techniques used by the ancient Polynesians and see the magnificent  moai with a star studded background if the weather conditions permit.


7) Folk show

Dance is an important part of Rapanui culture – learn about their dances as well as their traditional costumes. This is a fun activity especially if you wish to participate or are with children.


8) Wood carving class

Learn how to carve figures with a local artisan as your teacher. Make your own moai to take home!


9) Snorkelling

The waters around the island are very clear and the waters tend to be very calm. This is a great place to snorkel..and you are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


10) Hike Terevaka Volcano

Terevaka Volcano is the highest point of the Island. Hike up to the summit in around 2 hours and treat yourself to 360 degree views of the Island.



Rent a bike, go on a horse ride, get a tattoo, go to Anakena Beach, visit Rano Raraku and more!

Ranu Raraku Easter Island

Rano Raraku


Easter Island is a place of magic and mystery. If you wish to go and explore get in touch with us at Andean Trails and we will help you plan your adventure.




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