Top 10 things to see and do in Buenos Aires

by on 26th April, 2019


Buenos Aires is Argentina’s exciting, enticing and elegant capital city.


Flanked by the River Plate on one side and the immense Argentine Pampa on the other, this bustling city is normally the first port of call for visitors to Argentina.


It is certainly worth spending a few days there to get a feel for the country.


Here are our top 10 picks of things to do on your visit. In no particular order:


1) Walking tour of downtown/central Buenos Aires.

What better way to get to know a city and get a feel for it than on foot. Take a guided walking tour making sure you visit the Plaza de Mayo which  is the main square. Here you will find some of the city’s most important historic buildings such as the Casa Rosada Presidential Palace, the Cathedral and  “El Cabildo” (City Hall). You should also stroll along 9 de Julio Avenue, see the Obelisk, the exterior of the Colon Theatre, window shop  pedestrian Florida  Street and if you have time stop for a coffee in one of the may coffee houses.

Altar at the Cathedral, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Altar at the Cathedral


2) Recoleta Cemetery

Explore Recoleta cemetery and marvel at the intricate mausoleums. Some large, some small, some of marble, some of stone, all impressive. Here you will find the resting places of important historical figures including that of Eva Peron.

Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Recoleta cemetery


3) La Boca

In this area you will find the picture postcard street of Caminito with its brightly coloured corrugated iron houses. It is a popular tourist destination and so attracts many visitors. There is a plethora  of   souvenir shops and peddlers  as a result. However, the sights, sounds and atmosphere still make this place worth visiting.

Caminito, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina



4) Tango show/milonga

Tango is synonymous with Argentina. If you wish to participate, visit a milonga. Milongas are informal gatherings where people go have a drink, a chat and most importantly dance tango.

If you wish to watch, take in one of the may tango shows the city has to offer . A dinner/tango show is a popular option.

Tango Parque Patricio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dancing Tango


5) Feria de San Telmo

Antique markets are great places to wander and explore. In Buenos Aires, every Sunday from 1000 to 1600 at Plaza Dorrego in the  San Telmo district nearly 300 stall holders tout their wares, play music and sell food. Don’t miss it if you are in the city on a Sunday and would like to shop, eat and people watch.

San Telmo, Buenos Aires

San Telmo


6) Cooking Class

Food, food , glorious food. Take a cooking class and learn to prepare an iconic Argentine dish. Maybe make an empanada, cook a great steak or master the art of making an alfajor. Learn and eat!

Cookery experience, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cookery experience


 7) Bike Tour – North Buenos Aires

Take a bike tour through the northern leafy districts of northern Buenos Aires. Cycle through Recoleta,  then Palermo visiting the Floralis Generica, the parks and ponds, stopping for some mate (herbal infusuion)  and alfajores (typical  biscuit).

Oldest tree in Buenos Aires, Ficus Elastica, Plaza San Martin, Recoleta, Argentina

Oldest tree in Buenos Aires, Recoleta


8) Eat Steak

Argentina is famous for its beef. There is an abundance of good steak houses in Buenos Aires. if you are a meat eater, steak is a must.

Steak, Argentina



9) Opera in the Teatro Colon.

The Teatro Colon is one of the world’s principal opera houses. If your visit to the city coincides with an opera at the theatre then do get tickets. This is an experience not to be missed.

Main Auditorium, Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Roger Schultz

Colon Theatre by Roger Schultz


10) Football match.

Football is a passion in Argentina. The land of Maradonna and Messi. Buenos Aires has some of the country’s most important and popular football teams: Boca Juniors, River Plate, Argentina Juniors,

Racing,  San Lorenzo, Independiente.

The Primera season runs from August to May. If you are in the city and have the opportunity to go to a match don’t miss out. However, do so with a guide to accompany you.

Boca Juniors stadium, Bombonera, Buenos Aires, Argentina

At the Boca Juniors Stadium


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